How to place your order.

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1) Choose the product that you like and click "Add to cart". If you want to buy more goods, then click "Continue buy" in the popup window. If you no longer wish to continue shopping, click "Go to cart".

Also, in order to go to the cart, you can always press the "Cart" button in the upper right corner of the bar's website.

2) In the "Shopping cart" you can check the correct placement of goods, indicate the number of each product that you need, and remove some position. After that, you must click the "Checkout"

3) In the "Checkout" page you must fill in the fields:

  • Full name - your full name and surname;
  • Telephone - your telephone number;
  • Address - Your full address, including country and ZIP code;
  • Comment - You can specify your wishes.
  • E-mail - So that we can contact you.

4) Select the delivery method:

  • Delivery in Nizhny Novgorod - free (carried out during the day);
  • Delivery in the regions of Russia - 8$. SDEK courier or EMS (within 2-7 days);
  • Delivery to other countries (except Russia) - 20$. carried airmail companies SDEK or EMS (5-10 business days). To send orders to other countries (except Russia) should pay for the goods or plastic card Visa /Mastercard, or via Paypal.
  • Pickup - when delivery is not required.

5) Select a payment method:

  • Cash on delivery - only valid for shipments to Russia. You can pay cash to the courier purchase after inspection. Upon delivery to Russian regions courier service charges an additional fee of 3% of the order value.
  • Payment card Visa/Mastercard or QIWI purse. Payment is made through a secure payment service Robokassa. After placing your order you will be redirected to the payment system page to confirm the payment.
  • Paypal. To select this method of payment must be selected as the currency "$" in the header. After placing your order you will be redirected to the payment system page to confirm the payment.

6) Press the button "Order" and make payment by chosen method.

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