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Patek Philippe

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Patek Philippe replicas

Our store offers replicas of Patek Philippe of highest quality. All models have high-quality and precise movements and are made of the best materials. Replicas Patek Philippe externally match the original as much as possible. All the hands, indicators and functions are work. As mechanisms, Japanese Miyota or Swiss ETA are using. Our shop carries out delivery all over the world to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, the EU countries and many other countries of the world. We accept payment for paypal and credit cards.

History of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is perhaps the most expensive brand in the world producing serial models of watches. The company was founded in 1839 in Geneva by watchmakers of no Swiss origin Antony Patek and the young talented Frenchman François Czapek. The first watch assembly factory was located in a pictursesque area of ​​Geneva and was staffed with workers of predominantly Polish origin. In 1845, Francois Capek leaves the factory because of irreconcilable differences with Patek and in its place comes Andrea Jean Philippe, which lift the production of watches to a whole new level. The duties were distributed as follows: Francois Patek was engaged in the sale of watches, and Andrea Philippe was in charge of production. In 1868, the company released the first wristwatch in its history. Until the end of the XIX century, many technical solutions and innovations were patented and introduced, including a chronograph, a calendar, a minute repeater. In 1932, the company was redeemed over by the Stern family, where it is currently located. Now the factory of the company, as before, is located in Geneva, and about 220 people are employed in the manufacture of Patek Philippe watches. Watches of this brand have a strict classical appearance and are made of precious metals. Also, almost all watches have an image of the company's logo - the cross of the Spanish Order of Calatrava. Now the owners of Patek Philippe watches are such famouse people as Queen Victoria of England, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian multi-billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

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