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Zenith watch history

The Swiss watch brand Zenith  is considered one of the oldest. Its founder was the young master Georges Favre-Jaco, who in 1875 created the watch manufacture. After a while, the company Zenith became known far beyond Switzerland: the glory of high-precision and reliable watches rattled throughout Europe and America. Today, the Zenith trademark is part of the LVMH group of companies that produces luxury goods.

The company Zenith specialized in the manufacture of pocket and interior watches. However, in addition, the masters made limited collections, which were intended for the fleet and the army.

Important dates in the history of the company are the year 1899 - the time of the creation of the first chronograph, and also in 1969 - the production of the world's first automatic chronograph with a column wheel, which was equipped with a unique El Primero caliber with an accuracy of measuring time to tenths of a second.

Zenith replica

Our store offers high-quality replica of Zenith watches with worldwide shipping. All watches are equipped with high-quality Swiss or Japanese mechanisms, the cases are made of stainless steel with straps made of genuine leather.
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